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Communications with Impact

We are committed to providing advice and communications services which makes a difference and delivers value for our clients.. We are continually looking to innovate and introduce new ideas which set us apart from the competition.

The Porta Approach

Why we're different

Porta has acquired specialist agencies who are at the top of their game in their chosen field.

As a client, you can have access to specialist knowledge and experience on a range of sectors and services. We understand how communications and information delivery to different stakeholders is changing rapidly. Our approach enables specialist expertise to be brought together for a single solution.

What sets us apart is our commitment to equity participation. We believe all our people and businesses should be motivated and incentivised to ensure Porta Communications continues to grow and be successful.

What we do

  • CASE STUDY 1: Mutual satisfaction guaranteed


    2112 invented and built for Old Mutual Global Investors a bespoke Html5 console to promote their Income Funds. It gives all the benefits of a deep level website with the brevity and accessibility of a banner, allowing users to see and experience useful information without having to leave their online location.


    The results were considered to be extraordinary, though not to us. The average click through rates were 7.5% with interaction rates of 150%. We were delighted and so was the client.

    The strategy has since been repeated on subsequent campaigns and used on their consumer websites with similar results.

  • CASE STUDY 2: Desperate to disrupt the beer market


    Whilst Desperados and the Spirit Beers category were well established in the UK on-trade, Heineken asked Publicasity to help them increase off-trade distribution, focusing on the convenience channel during the lead up to the Christmas trading period.

    The Insight

    Our research showed little or no awareness of Spirit Beers amongst journalists and convenience retailers. To get on retailers’ shopping list we had to be disruptive, especially at point of purchase, as their shopping practices within cash & carries are habitual.


    We launched the Desperados Experience, an integrated, multi-touchpoint campaign over an eight-week period that included trade press (PR & advertising), online & social media, direct mail, point of sale activation in cash and carries, including dj’s and dancers, and exposure at trade events.


    The campaign gave the trade over 700,000 opportunities to read about Desperados and Spirit Beers, whilst the Desperados Experience cash & carry days increased sales by an average of 2,043%. Overall, the eight-week campaign helped Heineken grow the brand by 32%, adding an additional £5m in retail sales value for Heineken Desperadoes.

  • CASE STUDY 3: Giving Peppa Pig something to smile about


    Entertainment One is a leading international independent entertainment group focused on film and television rights ownership, with an extensive catalogue of rights including the Twilight Saga series and Peppa Pig.

    The Objective

    To raise the Group’s corporate profile across the UK, and in turn, help to boost its share price and create shareholder value. Redleaf was retained to educate journalists and analysts, secure powerful press coverage, and encourage analysts to cover the stock.


    Redleaf was appointed in March 2010 when Entertainment One had a market capitalisation of £103 million and a share price of 61p. Since appointment, Redleaf has successfully built a strong national media and analyst following for Entertainment One. We have delivered expert advice to ensure the Group communicates the required information to its market and the wider City.

    After just two months, Entertainment One had featured in every national newspaper and its profile within the media has continued to blossom.

    Today, Entertainment One has a market capitalisation of approximately £800 million.

  • CASE STUDY 4: Getting things back on track


    Transport Initiative Edinburgh (TIE) was established in 2002 to manage the deliverability of a tram line to the city. In 2008 a very public contractual dispute broke out between TIE and Bilfinger Berger and Siemens (BBS) over the infrastructure construction works, resulting in all tram works ceasing in the city, disrupting Edinburgh city centre.


    PPS was appointed by BBS in the Spring of 2010 to provide high level strategic advice and advise on how best to respond to the many challenges faced by BBS as a result of what was by then the UK’s highest profile contractual dispute.


    PPS’ work included:

    • High level strategic advice and tactical advice on handling the dispute
    • Strategic advice in handling key stakeholders in local and national government, including clarifying the key facts in relation to the dispute
    • High level meetings with key stakeholders to the project
    • Liaison and correspondence with political stakeholders
    • Ongoing correspondence and liaison with key individuals in TIE and Edinburgh City Council
    • Ongoing strategic advice and guidance


    The reputation of BBS was considerably restored, and Siemens was able to avoid significant abortive expenditure on the project. BBS was separately successful in winning the vast majority of the formal disputes over the contract. This helped to secure meaningful arbitration, which in turn secured agreement between the various parties. The role that PPS played helped lower the temperature of the public debate on the project by focusing attention off the key players and on to the facts. Ultimately, the resolution of the dispute was made much easier as a result of this advice.

  • CASE STUDY 5: A healthy return for the Australian Government


    Medibank is Australia’s largest private health insurer, providing private health insurance to approximately 3.9 million people through its Medibank and ahm brands.


    Newgate Communications Australia was appointed to assist the Australian Federal Government sell Medibank by way of a fully marketed initial public offering which, at A$5.7 billion, was to become the third largest global IPO in 2014.

    Our role saw us actively manage the communications for the offer, particularly with regard to marketing to potential retail investors. We also oversaw all aspects of media and issues management, which at all times sought to ensure a positive environment for the transaction.


    Over 750,000 retail investors pre-registered to receive a prospectus for the float; $12 billion of orders were received for the $1.2 billion broker firm allocation; and total demand for the General Public Offer, Policyholder Offer and Employee Offer exceeded $4.8 billion.

    The IPO was ultimately priced at $2.15 for institutions, with a retail price cap of $2.00, and listed at $2.18, raising $5.7 billion for Australian taxpayers.

Our Expertise and Services

Meet some of our People

Alistair Kellie

Managing Partner, Newgate Communications, London

“My focus is on providing strategic advice to financial and professional services companies who are looking to raise and manage their profile in the UK or globally. Over the last two years, I have been advising The Savings and Investment Policy project, which is developing innovative policies to get the UK saving and investing more. I am also working closely with the team creating CivilisedBank – a new challenger bank which is set to disrupt further the UK banking sector.

I have been fortunate enough to work with almost every Porta company in the UK and overseas and really value their expertise and can-do attitude.

When not trying to entertain my three young boys and coach the Welwyn Rugby Club’s Under 9s, I am a keen road cyclist and have just completed one of the famous mountain stages of the Tour de France.”

Alistair supports Cancer Research UK, The British Heart Foundation and the Galapagos Conservation Trust.

Sue Vercoe

Managing Director, Newgate Research, Australia

“I joined, along with my team to add an extra dimension to the Newgate offering. We specialise in all aspects of reputation and stakeholder relationship research. For the last four years, I have led a team conducting community and stakeholder research for Sydney’s largest public transport project, the Sydney Metro. This has included focus groups, forums, in-depth interviews and waves of quantitative studies to help guide the project design and communications strategy.

Porta’s backing and support for helping to develop products that add value to clients has helped us to become market leaders in less than two years, growing from four people operating across two offices to fifty people in four offices.

I love to read, hike and camp. With two sons aged 11 and 14, I also spend a lot of time watching cricket, football and basketball!”

Sue and her family sponsor a child through WorldVision while her firm supports the Contarf Foundation which helps young Aboriginal men equip themselves to participate meaningfully in society.

Habib Bacha

​Partner, Newgate Communications, Abu Dhabi

“Abu Dhabi is an exciting environment in which to grow a communications business as there is so much variety. We are developing a diverse client base which includes advising local public sector organisations through to helping to position international business looking to establish themselves in the region.

Many clients in the region have international interests and aspirations and Porta’s international network and its diverse range of services provides us with a real competitive advantage.

Outside of work, I am a keen swimmer and I also enjoy racing. Once I have created a successful Newgate, I would love to be the Lebanese Minister of Information.”

Habib supports the Catholic Church in Lebanon.

Behaving Responsibly

Our approach to ethical, social and environmental issues is increasingly important to our success as a business. Both clients and our people expect us to have comprehensive policies and actions in place which go above and beyond the minimum requirements expected of a publicly-listed company. Porta Communications currently prioritises the Environment, Ethics, Community and our Workplace.


The Group recognises its responsibilities to conserve resources and is committed to continuous improvement in the environmental impact of its operations. Due to the nature of our businesses, the Group does not have a particularly high environmental impact. Our principal impact arises from energy, paper and water consumption.

As you’d expect, we recycle, reuse and reduce our emissions where we can. The paper we use in-house is recycled and FSC graded, our coffee is Fairtrade-sourced, our water is filtered and many of our team can be found walking, running and cycling into the office daily.

Our London office has a responsive lighting system and is powered down at evenings and weekends to reduce any unnecessary power consumption. Recycling facilities for paper, glass and dry waste are provided through the offices.

We apply our sustainability principles across all of our operations and wherever possible we make use of technologies that enable us to limit our environmental impact. Employees are trained in video-conferencing and webinar facilities, with virtual meetings being conducted wherever possible. When travel is the only option, our policy is that public transport should be used where possible.


All employees have access to the Group’s Code of Ethics policies in respect of our Code of Ethics and undertake Bribery Act training via a dedicated policy management system. Each employee is responsible for upholding the principles and practices set out within it.

Before accepting work that may pose an ethical risk, employees are required to seek advice from the responsible person or committee in their company and/or division. In certain circumstances the decision is referred to the Group CEO, who makes the final decision.

We seek to comply with all applicable laws and respect internationally-recognised human rights standards in every location in which we operate. We aim to make a positive contribution to human rights through the clients we work with, our choice of suppliers and our own HR policies and practices.


We recognise our responsibility towards the communities in which our businesses operate. In support of our communities, we organise fundraising and volunteering activities for staff to raise money for charity as well as offering pro bono support to non-profit projects, helping to raise money and awareness for good causes.

We support our employees in participating in volunteering and fundraising activities. Our businesses have supported a wide range of charities through the year through organising and participating in events. We have identified two charities where we believe we can make a difference.

For more information go to


For more information go to

We believe that by working with these charities we can use our skills and talented people to make a difference. We also have an ongoing objective to support more industry initiatives and projects alongside our clients.


As a thriving new global business, we are consistently innovative and creative, while maintaining a healthy and lively space for work.

We actively support our people to give their skills and time to support the communities in which we live and work. The business is a member of Heart of the City and is actively developing a programme of support for some of the brilliant charities that serve the hugely disadvantaged communities on the doorstep of the City of London.

We have an active policy to be an equal opportunity employer and contractor and do not discriminate by gender, race, age, disability or faith.

Our health cover for staff is provided by Pru Health which offers all staff 50% gym membership along with association with Heart UK- we understand the value of supporting our people to prioritise their health and take a positive stance to promote wellbeing.

Our Marketplace:

Alongside our own activities, we are a member of numerous industry bodies aimed at improving our marketplace and look to adhere to the Business in the Community Market Principles, summarized below:

  • Respect customers and support vulnerable customers
  • Seek potential customers within excluded groups
  • Manage the impact of product or service
  • Actively discourage product misuse
  • Actively manage responsibility in your supply chain
  • Treat suppliers as partners
  • Work with the rule makers
  • Have consistent standards

As a fast-growing, dynamic, international consultancy group we are always looking to recruit top talent who are ambitious and looking to make an impact.

If you'd like to apply to work for one of the Porta companies, in the first instance please contact Vanessa Selfe,

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